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Published: 23rd June 2010
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Rajasthan is one state of India that attracts the maximum number of visitors from around the world due to its cultural heritage and lovely palaces and forts. The district of Bikaner is one such attraction in this lovely state. Bikaner is located in the Northern part of Rajasthan and has some of the most beautiful palaces and forts in Rajasthan. The most attractive feature about Bikaner is its richly sculptured temples made of red and yellow sand stones that display some of the finest creations of the Rajput civilization. The beautiful and vast deserts of Bikaner are a major crowd puller.

The history of Bikaner dates back to the 1488 AD when a Rajput prince named Rao Bika ji, a descendent of Rao Jodha Ji who is known to have founded Jodhpur, established his kingdom in Bikaner. Bika Ji chose a completely barren land that was known as "Jungladesh" and transformed it into an impressive city, which has been named Bikaner after the name of its founder. Archeological excavations and surveys have established about Bikaner that civilization here dates back even before the Harappa period. Many statues, carvings and coins of clay and stones have been excavated and stand as as testimony to this fact.

In the later part of the century Bikaner was ruled by one of the most outstanding kings called Maharaja Ganga Singh who ruled Bikaner for around 56 years. The king was a very strong and able ruler who modernized the army, changed the traditional administration, separated the judiciary from the executive, constructed the famous "Gang Canal" and also started various welfare schemes and hospitals. Historians believe about Bikaner that Maharaja Sardul Singh, who was Maharaja Ganga Singh's successor, played a very important role in merging the princely states in the Indian Union.

As per what the historians believe about Bikaner, the district of Bikaner has played a very important role in the history of the country ever since it was founded. The state of Bikaner has produced various able Generals, warriors and distinguished kings. Raja Rai Singh Ji who was one of Akbar's most distinguished Generals is one such example. Another important name is that of Raja Anup Singh who took to the throne of Bikaner in AD 1669 and he is known to have been a very good scholar as well as a very able warrior. His period of reign has been described in history as "the golden time of Bikaner's valor and fame".

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